My Brother Sam is Dead Article (Warning: Spoilers)

Soldier Sam Meeker Killed By Rebel Forces

Sam meeker
February 17, 1779
Redding, Connecticut

Yesterday Sam Meeker, a member of the rebel forces, was falsely accused of stealing cattle and was shot down by a rebel firing squad.

Meeker was a 20 year old soldier in the rebel army who according to his brother wanted nothing more than liberty. Meeker was survived by his brother Tim and his mother. His father, although he supported the British and didn’t want war, was put in a British prison ship where he died of cholera. Tim wanted to serve in the army like Meeker but didn’t know which side to chose.Tim was motivated by glory and he looked up to his brother but also to his father.

Fellow soldiers unsuccessfully tried to steal cattle from Meeker’s family and then blamed it on Meeker. Meeker  had a trial but there was no evidence against meeker except that the cows tried to follow him. General Putnam was determined to make an example out of somebody of how they can’t steal cattle or they will get shot. 

Meeker was found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad at the rebel base just outside of redding. Meeker’s brother came to the execution and watched his brother die.  Meeker’s brother was sad and his mother couldn’t bear to come to the shooting or the funeral.

Based on the book My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier.

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